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Sevika Sanghom's Childrens' Day Celebration @ Galilean Centre
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With Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan
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Annual Parish Convention 2014 Rev. Dr P. P. Thomas
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Annual Parish Convention 2014 Rev. Dr P. P. Thomas
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Youth Camp at ankola
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Ministerial Team
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Announcements Sunday Nov. 23, 2014

1.      Today we have Holy Qurbana in Malayalam (7 00 am) and in English (10 00 am). We also have a Holy Qurbana at GCC Lingarajapuram @ 7.30 AM.

2.      Next Sunday Nov. 30, 2014

·         Holy Qurbana in Eng. @ 07.00 AM

·         Matin Service in Mal. @ 10.00 AM

3.      Today’s Prayer Meeting

·         Domlur                              - P. M. John                 @ 04.00 PM

·         Malles/Vasanth                 - A. A. Babu                 @ 04.00 PM

·         Benson Town                     - Susan George            @ 05.30 PM

·         Indiranagar                       - T. J. Abraham            @ 06.00 PM

4.      Sunday School competitions will be held soon after the first service. Details are available on the notice board.

5.      Sevika Sangham

·         Sevika Sangham arranges elocution, singing, Bible reading and quiz competition on Sun. Nov. 30, 2014. Those who are interested may kindly contact the secretary. Details are on the notice board.

6.      Edavaka Mission Bible Study on Wed. Nov. 26, 2014, @ 04.00 PM.

7.      Fasting Prayer on Fri. Nov. 28, 2014 @ 10.30 AM.

8.      Anniversary celebration of the Jangamakote Mission is @ 8.00 am. The bus to Jangamakote will leave soon after the first service.

9.      For our Christmas decorations we require empty 2 litre Sprite and Seven up Bottles (green colour). Please drop it off at the Parish Hall. 

10.  Convention song books are available for sale. Rs. 60/-

11.  All those who are interested in subscribing to Vedapadana Sahayi can do so today in our church.

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   Our Vicar
   Worship Timings
1st Sunday
07 00 AM and 10 00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam)
1st Sunday
10.30 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam) @ J. P. Nagar
2nd Saturday
08 00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam)
2nd Sunday
07 00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam); 10 00 AM Matin Service (English)
3rd Sunday
07 00 AM Holy Qurbana (English); 10.00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam)
4th Sunday
07 00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam); 10.00 AM Holy Qurbana (English)
5th Sunday
07 00 AM Holy Qurbana (English); 10.00 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam)
5th Sunday
07 30 AM Holy Qurbana (Malayalam) @ Galilean Centre
   Welcome to Parish

Hearty welcome to the Mar Thoma Syrian Church, # 47, Primrose Road, Bangalore.

Traditionally believed to have been founded in the year 52 AD, by Saint Thomas (Mar Thoma), one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle, the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar is one of the oldest denominations of

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   Organization Activities
Sunday School
8.45 AM (every Sunday)
Yuvajana Sakhyam
As per announcements
Sevika Sangham
Area wise weekly Bible study. As per announcements
Choir Practice
Every Saturday evening
Edavaka Mission Bible study
04.00 PM every Wednesday at Church
Service Fellowship
As per announcements
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Sunday School examination 2014
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