14th April, 2019.

1.       Theological Seminary Sunday-

Today’s offertory is set apart for Mar Thoma theological seminary, please wholeheartedly corporate in this. 

2.       Circular No. 23/S023/ M02/2019 reg. Good Friday Collection.       Mar Makarios.

3.       Week Programme:

a.      15th April, Monday at 7pm Evening  worship

b.      16th April, Tuesday at 7pm Evening  Worship.

c.       17th April, Wednesday at 7pm Evening Worship and Holy Qurbana(English).

d.      18th April, Maundy Thursday at 7am Holy Qurbana (Malayalam)

e.      18th April, Maundy Thursday at 7pm Holy Qurbana (malayalam) at Hosur.

f.        19th April, Friday at 9am Good Friday Service – Rt Rev Dr. Mathews Mar Makarios.

g.      20th April, Good Saturday 8am Holy Qurbana Malayalam.

h.      21st April, Easter Sunday Service and Holy Qurbana (Malayalam), at 6am

i.        21st April, Easter Sunday 7am Holy Qurbana at Hosur.

4.       Sevika Sanghom Annual General Body Meeting on 27th April, 2019 at 3pm at our church. All sevika sanghom members are requested to attend this meeting.

5.       General body meeting of our both choirs will be held on 27th April, 2019 at 6pm. All choir members are requested to attend this.

6.       Uposhanavaram. (self-denial).

Our forefathers used to deny one meal of a  day of the passion week, and contribute this amount  to the Mission work of the MTEA and that resulted  in the formation of  65 Mission fields  through 2700 villages. Past years this collection help to form 400 parishes and congregations  in India. This is what we mean by Self-denial contribution. We are collecting this during our passion week. Please contribute your amount to the office.

7.       This years Diocesan Youth Conference will be held at Chennai from  May 31st to June 2nd, 2019. Those who are interested to participate this conference please register your names at the earliest. Please contact Yuvajana Sakhyam Secretary for further information.

8.       Parking during the time of Good Friday.

We hope to get Jain trust and  the back portion of the Home Shop for parking our vehicles on Good Friday. Please contact the office bearers for the details. 

9.   Annual General Body meeting of the Bangalore centre mar thoma voluntary evangelistic association will be held at Jalahalli Ebenezer Mar Thoma Church, on 27th April, 2019 at 10am. All are requested to attend.